Little Dancer's Studio

   by Tillery Bullock for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Little Dancer and Dance Studio

Inspiration Artist: Edgar Degas

I only used the large wooden piece, wire, glue stick, wood glue, foam, modeling clay, white beads, canvas fabric, four small wood sticks and oven clay from the box.
Base: I drew lines with brown acrylic paint to make the floor of the dance studio. Then used water color brown paint to blend in the floor to make it look like a paneled wood floor. I created the balance bar with the four wood sticks, hot glue gunned them to the floor and surrounded them with modeling glue. Painted them black and brown to look authentic. Placed in the freezer to harden quickly.
Doll: Used the wire to create a frame and foam for the torso. Used modeling clay to form the legs, arms, chest and neck. The head was created separately and then placed on the body. The head was made by warming up the modeling clay and rolling it into a ball and then molding the face. Two white beads were used from the kit and placed in the head as eyes. After the head and body were together, held together by more modeling clay and hot glue, I proceeded to create hair for the doll. I frayed some of the canvas fabric and painted the strips black for hair. I used a small wooden stick and pushed in each piece, tied some into small bundles and tied with a white piece in a bow. Rolled them into a bun and secured with hot glue. Her dress was made of canvas fabric and painted with water color and acrylic paints. Her sneakers, headset and ipod was created with the oven clay. I shaped the items, placed them into the oven to harden, then painted them. The sneakers have shoe laces that are frayed pieces of canvas fabric pushed into the shoe to look like laces. I left them white. The head phones were shaped and then painted and hot glued to the head. I used a piece of wire to look like the top of the headset. I also created the water bottle using oven clay. The denim bag was made of foam and canvas fabric. I painted the fabric and then hot glued to the foam to look like a bag. It has three straps, two small ones and one large one.

This piece was compiled of two of Edgar Degas pieces. One of "The Little Dancer", and the other one
"Dance Studio". I thought they would look very nice together as one piece. This is my first time trying something like this. I normally sketch and paint on paper. This was very awesome and I had a lot of fun doing this. Thank you for the opportunity.