Luminous Landscape

   by Jessica Josephs and Chris Poole for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Starry Night

Inspiration Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

We began by taking the shredded newsprint strips, taping them down, flattening and painting them in shades of blues, yellows and black to match the colors of the original painting. These were then hung to dry, separated and ripped into strips approximately 1" long. Using the all-purpose glue, these strips were individually pasted to the box the supplies arrived in to create the image of paint strokes and movement. A second layer of painted strips cut in half in highlights and lowlights were applied over the base layer as well for depth. The hills in the background were created using the steel wire covered with canvas and the hill to the left was created using a portion of the foam block and canvas, both secured together and to the base with the glue stick. All the hills are painted with the same matching colors as the backdrop and high-lighted with luminescent paint. The village sits upon a painted base of Oak plywood carved to fit around the cypress tree in the foreground. This cypress tree skeleton was made using wooden blocks and a wooden dowel inserted into a drilled hole at the top. This structure was covered in Chavant modeling clay and built up underneath for girth with additional paper strips. Sculpture tools were used for the texture in the tree, which was then painted yellow for the carved detail highlights, a black overlay and brown and luminescent highlights. The houses were made using the assorted hardwoods. They were cut with an Exacto knife, glued together with the all-purpose glue and painted blue with highlights for texture, black for the outlines and some with luminescent "moonlight" and lighted windows. The church is made from the Sculpey clay, baked and painted to match and secured on a hill in the center of the town made from a wooden block covered in canvas. For the path that leads to the church we decided to use the Friendly plastic pellets in their natural form, by painting them in brown, black and grey lightly to give the impression of large stones. These were then placed in a built up path on the base that was lined with foam block scraps, and rolled into place with a toothpick and the all-purpose glue, finished off by a light layer of luminescent paint to "light your way in the darkness". You will also find additional stones scattered around the countryside where the villagers originally harvested them from to build this path. Lines of trees throughout the village were created using the rope that was separated, wrapped around wooden dowels, secured with all-purpose glue, hot glued to assorted hardwood panels and then painted to resemble the tree lines. Random trees can also be found that were made by knotting the rope into balls and hot gluing it to small pieces of the wood. The entire scene is illuminated by shining stars and the moon that were created by slicing layers of the foam block into circles, covering them with two layers of the painted newsprint strips, highlighting them with gold and luminescent paints and suspending them with the steel wire from the box. The steel wire holding these stars and the moon have been wrapped into designs through the back of the cardboard box and painted with luminescent and gold paint. There are also wrapped wire designs on the sides of the box and the entire box was painted brown with light brown highlights in a "wooden" frame pattern. The remaining assorted hardwoods were cut into strips, painted white and then gold and glued to the edges of the box to form a "picture frame" for the landscape. We love that the way the boxes angles sit and give the impression of an inviting and open welcome to experience the beauty of a village that shines throughout the countryside.

The only item we didn't use was the canvas board.