Melting Time

   by John Cummings and Jennifer Cummings for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Persistence of Memory

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

We began the construction by creating the background and “floor.” The background is acrylic paint on the provided canvas board. The floor is made with a piece of assorted hardwood painted with acrylic paint. The second step was creating the block with the tree. We made the tree out of a wooden dowel wrapped in steel wire armature and covered with chavant modeling clay, then painted with acrylic paint. The clock draped over the branch and the clock draped over the block are made from friendly plastic pellets painted with acrylic paint. the pocket watch on the block is made from chavant modeling clay. We attached the tree to the block by drilling a hole in the wood and filling with glue. The abstract face and the clock that is draped over it is made from chavant modeling clay. We used a hair dryer to make the clay easier to mold. It too is painted with acrylic paint. We carved the fine details with a toothpick. The entire piece is held together by wooden blocks supporting the pieces and attached with glue.