Modern Day Farmer and wife

   by Kelvin Andrade for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: American Gothic

Inspiration Artist: Grant Wood

I began by organizing all the materials on the table and saw what I could use for the house. I made the farmer and his wife by using clay and paint. I made their clothing by using canvas and paint. They stuck together with glue and stood up with wires. I also used the wires to make the railings and hold the roof together. I used the box that the materials came in to form the porch and roof and iPad that the farmer has in his hand. The foam was very interesting to use and I sculpted a bush for outside of the window by rubbing my fingers against the foam. I made the stairs by cutting the flat pieces of wood into strips. I used the shredded paper for grass and painted it green.I cut two holes into the canvas for windows and used paint to color the curtains. I painted the original fame and his wife and used the frame from the box for a frame.