Mona Lisa

   by Evan Prekker for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Mona Lisa, and many others

Inspiration Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others.

I started off by using the biggest piece of wood, as the base of the project, I painted it a greenish color using a sunny yellow, dark blue, and rusty orange. I started assembling all of the wood pieces to make the main structure. I then glued them together, cutting some pieces of wood with an electric jigsaw. I glued a dowel inside of the foam block for the head and the neck, and cut down the foam block for the base of the head, Then I took the white sculpey clay and sculpted her face, and later glued it onto the foam block. then I took some wire and zigzagged it back and fourth, and situated it under her neck, for her chest piece, I stuffed it with newsprint, and covered the whole area in wax clay. I then used the twine rope, and un-tangled it, until it turned into a fine hair like fiber, and painted it a dark brown using a rusty orange, black, and yellow ochre. I then took a small piece of wire, and bent it into a staple shape, and stapled her hair into the foam block. I took the canvas fabric, and folded it in a wrinkled pattern for her top. I used some wire and formed it into a spiral shape, (for the arms) and stuffed it, and covered it in wax clay, I painted all of the clothing a dark color to match the original; and painted her skin with oil paints (it feels more special that way since the original Mona Lisa is also oils)

(please watch the video before you read the rest of this next part!) SPOILER ALERT!

I had cut up the canvas board into little squares, and used the different squares to paint different famous paintings! I then cut up the cardboard box to make the little shelf for my paintings.

The key, and the Cryptex (Codebox) are inspired by the book, The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, Assuming you haven't read it, I basically just replicated a key from the book and the cryptex, which won't open unless you provide the 5 letter key, which in this case, is "Build" ;) I used cardboard and formed it into a circular tube, and glued each side together, I then painted it, a gold-ish color. Then I Used a long length of double twisted wire, and cut it into small increments, and formed them into circles, I then used up some of the extra sculpey clay and wrapped it around the wires to make the dials, I cut thin cardboard stripes and glued one around the end of the cryptex, then put one piece of wire around it to hold it down, I slided on a dial, then I repeated this, until all dials were on the tube, I took a small pointed sharpie marker an drew on all of the alphabet letters on each dial, (which is how you make the code) and you twist them to the right order, and it will open! I then made the key! which "opens" the box, using wire and covering it in some sculpey clay, and then I painted it with some yellow ochre, :)
Thanks for reading!