Monet's Water Lilies

   by Ihwa Choi for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Water Lilies

Inspiration Artist: Monet

Hi! :-)

The steps I used to build this was..

1) Chose the piece I wanted to recreate. This took the was so hard to choose! Monet's Water Lilies have always been an all time favorite for the movement, emotion, and beautiful colors
2) I assembled the house structure through the following steps:
a. Cut the cardboard box for the three sides of the house. Left one side open.
b. Disassembled the canvas board into three parts: the Canvas paper, the plastic wrapper, and the board.
c. Created the sun roof by using the plastic wrapper as the glass and using the canvas board as the frames
d. Used the Chavant modeling clay to create the tiles for the house.
3) I recreated some of his water lilies as background pieces but chose a beautiful water lily piece for the focus by doing the following:
a. cut small rectangle boards with the hardwood and leftover canvas board
b. wrapped the canvas paper and cloth (used binder clips to secure during drying)
4) I created a sculpture of Monet and his palette by using:
a. a steel wire armature
b. Chavant modeling clay
c. paint bought at Michaels. :-)
5) The easels were made out of hardwood strips
6) A cloth was used to recreate the humongous blankets Monet would put up to shadow out the Sun. Wooden dowels were used to hold the canvas cloth up.
7) Wooden blocks were of great help for holding the structure steady during the "photoshoot"


1) Glue was used in order to assemble the sun roof, the tiles, canvas pieces, and the structure itself.
2) Floor glaze was used to make the 3d water coming out of the painting shiny.
3) The 3D water was made out of:
a. the friendly plastic pellets
b. Sculpey polymer clay

I am actually 16 years old and my mother filled out the information on Step 1. Since I'm a self taught high schooler, I'd really really appreciate some professional feedback/criticism! :-) I can handle brutal truth.

Thank you for taking your time to look at my entry!