Mouse Guard VS Snake

   by Kaeley Fowler for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Mouse Guard Fall 1152

Inspiration Artist: David Petersen

I built my project using the materials from the 2013 Mystery build kit.
I used the large wooden flat plank as the main stage for the project.
I used the wire as the starting skeleton for my snake.
The informational packet inside the kit was used as the ribs, and head for the snake skeleton.
I used Elmer's glue for the snake.
next using the smallest wooden block from the kit and cardboard and paper packing shreds I used to made the mini stage on the plank that was also glued by the Elmer's.
I used the white molding clay for the details in the snakes mouth like the teeth and mouth gland and the snake tooth.
next was using the last two wooden blocks to make the base of the tree under the main large flat plank. I also used the shredded packing paper to make the bark on my tree by twisting it in two different directions and then gluing it to the wooden
I used the block of molding clay to help with details around the corners of the tree to give detail. using the wire from the kit I carved in bark grooves into the clay.
for the branches I used the two of three wooden rods and card board from the kit box, glued with Elmer's glue and used shredded packing paper for the bark.
I then painted the whole project white as the base paint coat with acrylic paint.
I opened the mystery kit box and separated the cardboard layers to make them thinner and used a shape puncher to make the leafs.
the leafs were each painted individually and then using a mini sharpy I gave them detail.
next I painted my project with the color details like the snake black my stage tan and the tree brown.
I glued the leafs on with the one glue stick that was supplied in the kit and used a glue gun to melt it.
for the snake scales I used a piece of cloth to imprint the scale look to the snake using acrylic paint. and patched the spots with a paint brush.
using three of the smaller flat plank pieces of wood I drew the mice with a pencil and a fine point sharpy and the book as a reference to make the mice.
I used an electric carving tool to cut the mice out of the wood. I used the block clay and Elmer's glue to mount them to the mini stage. I colored the mice with colored pencils and the swords with paint. the capes were painted and made from the fabric cloth in the kit.
I used the rope as landscape by un-twinning it. other landscape was the block clay, shredded packing paper, cardboard ruffles. this was all glued with the one Elmer's glue bottle and glue gun was used only on the leafs.
Inside the snake to give it support was it was stuffed with packing paper to give it leverage.