Ms. C's Palace

   by Ophelia Clark for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Mrs. N's Palace

Inspiration Artist: Louise Nevelson

I used the scale, one half inch equals a foot. The tools I used the most were my architects scale, metal straight edge ruler, triangle and several xacto knives, saws and carving tools.
The elements of my project were created from the MysteryBuild box for the structure and good portion of the outside design elements. The outside design elements are made primarily of the assorted hardwoods, chavant modeling clay and glue. There are some instances were the steel wire is used as armature for the modeling clay. The wooden dowels also serve as armature layered clay, wood and glue. There are a few friendly plastic pellets in use. The canvas board is used as the base of the structure. The canvas cloth was used in combination with glue to hinge the larger design elements together. The entire structure is integrated with flat black paint.