Mucha Do About Jewelry

   by Karen Pica for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Fruit

Inspiration Artist: Alphonse Mucha

I re-imagined the piece as a jewelry ensemble and store display. I sawed the wood pieces to get circles for the necklace. Then the face and grapes are hand painted. Sculpey is used to create the fruit and flower headpiece. Some of the wire was hammered and painted gold for the one earring on headpiece, some swirls on necklace and large swirl on bracelet. The wire for the jump rings and earring wire is left in the original color. The additional fruit pieces on the necklace and the box as well as the hanging earrings are formed from Charvant clay. The bracelet is formed from the wire, white glue and shredded newsprint used as paper mache. The canvas board and part of the Mystery build box makes up the necklace stand. The big part of the Mystery build box is used as the store display portion, decorated with painted wood, Chavant clay, Sculpey and canvas pieces attached to the corners. The thick blocks of wood glued together hold the earrings and the bracelet. The shredded newsprint is tea dyed to add an old fashioned effect. Friendly plastic is glued on as decoration on earrings, bracelet and wooded stands. Every piece is hand painted from the necklace to the box to the decorations.