Nature's Sacrifice

   by Shaun Su and Debbie Wang for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Departure of the Winged Ship

Inspiration Artist: Vladimir Kush

For the ship, we first made the frame of it with the wire in the kit, then put chavant clay over the wire to make the body of the ship. We then smoothed out the surface of the ship with different sculpting tools. We coated the ship with gesso primer and then painted it brown with acrylic paint. To make the masts of the ship, we cut the wooden dowels in half to make them thinner, painted them, and used the hot glue stick to glue on the butterflies. The bodies of these butterflies were made of sculpey and painted with acrylic paint. The wings were made of wire and plastic wrap from the canvas board in the kit and designed with Sharpie markers. To make the deck of the ship, we measured and used an xacto-knife to cut out the necessary shapes needed and then glued them into the ship. The assorted items on the deck were made of sculpey and painted with acrylic paint as well. The ship's wheel was made from tiny pieces of paper rolled with our fingers and glued together onto a small cut of oak plywood. The nets on the ship were made from the fibers of the canvas cloth. We tore out string by string and glued them together to make the nets, then used marker to color them black. The stream of water beneath the ship was first built with wire for the framing and then applied with chavant clay for the design. We painted it with gesso primer and then after it dried, we painted it with acrylic paint. The ship and stream of water were connected with glue. The rocks on the edge of the stream of water were made with the shredded newsprint from the kit. We made them into paper pulp by adding water and glue as well as paints to color them. Then we sped up the drying process by putting them into the oven. We then glued each individual rock onto the side of the stream of water. The people attacking the butterfly were made of wire.