Neanderthal Art Museum

   by Kristin Morrill for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Cave Art

Inspiration Artist: Cave Man

Neanderthal Art Museum: The Very 1st Artists
Create a cave man painting a cave wall as focal point for modern man to observe in Neanderthal museum, using “sense of humor” make modern man look like an Urban Shaman type, a.k.a. The Geico Caveman.

Use of box and contents:
Plastic beads – wine glass painted to look full of red wine, balls on rope railing posts painted gold
Dowels – railings for rope barrier painted brown
Rope – railing, hair, single strand as string for beaded necklace
Florist foam – tree stump with glue stick to affix cave man sitting on, and the inside of Sculpey man head
Sculpey – man head, hands, shoes of man, shells and beads, carvings and sculptures, flute and artifacts
Clay – cave man painting wall, built on wire armature, glue stick to attach clay hair and clothes
Canvas material – suit (2 pant legs, 2 arms and vest shape) painted black with acrylic paint, glued with Elmer’s (held by paper clips until dry)
Walnut block – faux pedestal for beads and to support man upright with wire wrapped at base
Plywood – wall for shelves made of a thin wooden sheet plank cut in half
Wooden sheets – flooring (glued and clamped until dry, shelves glued on, shoe heels glued onto dried baked Sculpey, paint brush pieces of wood glued to Sculpey rod
Canvas board – painted wall of cave art
Box – portion used as back cave wall, small strip as part of base, and small strip as top of canvas board signage
Wire – armatures for both figures, and wire to hold man upright
Miscellaneous – walnut ink for rope hair, acrylic paints, markers, Elmer’s glue, glue stick