OMG, Jeff... I *heart* u, 2... But...

   by Rebecca Birrenkott for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Oh, Jeff... I love you, too... But...

Inspiration Artist: Roy Lichtenstein

The following materials from the Mystery Build Box were utilized in the construction of my piece:

Chavant NSP Clay – Girl and Hands
Canvas Cloth – Girl’s dress
Canvas Board – White background
Glue – used on foam, on head of girl
Floral foam block – structure to build clay girl off of
Plastic covering for Chavant clay – wrapped around floral foam block to prevent green dust from getting into clay
Steel wire – structure for head, shoulder and hands of the girl
Wooden dowels – used in smoothing and sculpting girl’s features
Shredded newsprint – girl’s hair
Hardwoods – used as stands for girl’s pieces, cut for text bubble, cell phone
Mystery Build Box – blue background

Items utilized not from box –

Various acrylic paints and paint brushes
Hair dryer to dry acrylic paint onto oil based clay, to soften chavant clay
BBQ kebab stick – point used to make classic Lichtenstein Ben-Dye dots
Sharp knife - used to cut chavant clay for sculpting

I had the idea to use this piece because I've always loved Lichtenstein's pop art. Pop art is inspired by pop culture and I wanted to try and "update" Lichtenstein's work using today's "pop culture" as the inspiration.. Emoticons, abbreviations, etc. populate our speech these days. I wanted to keep his cartoonish/comics-like look. I read somewhere that this piece was supposed to show the fickleness and frustrations that come with teenage romance. I thought I provided a current depiction of this frustration.