Pablo's Slant on Georgia

   by Carolyn Gorsuch for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: 4 different paintings

Inspiration Artist: Pablo Picasso & Georgia O'Keefe

The King of the Minotaurs, P.P. 1958 was created on the large wood board. It was painted with acrylic paints. The Minotaur face was cut & baked with the Sculpey clay, then painted with acrylics. The arms were cut from the thin balsa wood, then painted and glued to the background.

Cow Skull with Calico Roses, G.O. 1931 was created on the white canvas board. Background was painted with acrylic paints, the cow skull was carved out of the Chavant clay, then painted. The calico roses are glued together shredded packaging paper, and the centers are the plastic pellets.

Woman with a Flower, P.P. 1932 was cut out of the packaging box then painted with acrylics.

Jack in the Pulpit 3, G.O. 1930 also was cut out of the packaging box then painted with acrylics.

The construction of the A-Frame design was glued together with the Elmers glue, using one of the wooden blocks cut in two for interior structure to hold the side panels steady. The two main panels were glued together at the top using a piece of the linen fabric to hold them together. The rope was inserted in the top for hanging the final piece. The title signs were cut from the cardboard box and then painted.

The hardest part was documenting the process. I have several still photos and a short movie of the process. Submitting them is a challenge, as the files are too large and the computer won't send them. If I can't get the movie to send through this submission form, I will put it on under Gorsuch, Mystery Build 2013.