Piece of Cake

   by Maria Fontaine for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Cakes

Inspiration Artist: Wayne Thiebaud

My focus was to find a work of art that had a strong 3 Dimensional feel with a focus on form. The Wayne Thiebaud piece "Cakes" was the piece I decided on upon opening the box and finding the blocks of wood. These were the strongest elements and I felt they would be a focal point, the Thiebaud piece spoke to be because of the focus on these cylindrical forms. The challenge was to cut the pieces into cubes and then sand them into cylinders. I felt the at piece needed an environment, a place, a space for the cakes to exist in. The pastry case in an old fashioned diner feel is what I decided on and the box was the perfect element to transform into this space. The canvas became the chef's apron and the wire became a whisk. The canvas became the specials board. The Sculpey was the perfect "frosting", colored with acrylic paint where needed. Wayne Thiebaud's works were a frequent inspiration in my high school art classes and my students loved the whimsical feel of his work, the appealing subject matter, pastel colors and repetitive forms. I hope I have done it justice in my interpretation.