Poker Dogs ~ Then & Now

   by Renee Schwartz for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Dogs playing poker

The chairs are wire and clay, the dogs are clay, the table is wire, cardboard, canvas and clay...The accessories are Sculpey clay with wires sticking out of them, so that I could stick them into the clay dogs wherever I wanted to, and not have to use glue.

The small gold frame is from the instruction booklet, the large gold frame is from the cover of the box.The fire hydrant has a dowel rod running through it and that rod goes through the floor and behind the wooden blocks stand, so that I can turn the table / chairs platform.

The poker chips are made from melted plastic pellets. The lamp is canvas, wire and melted plastic pellets to hold the wires in place. The thin wood strips are holding the large golden frame away from the box, connected by Sculpey (brackets/connectors).

I was living in a trailer with 2 cats while working on this project. Nothing would have been safe, so 90% of the work was done while sitting in my car, parked somewhere near the ocean. The only tools I had, were a drill, scissors and a utility knife, so I couldn't really do anything creative with the wood blocks.