Potted Plants

   by Ellen Moran and Ellen, Stephanie, Jon for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Potted Plants, 1880-1890

Inspiration Artist: Paul Cezanne

We used some of everything in the box (except the dowels) and the box itself. We cut and re-folded the box for the framework. We used paper mache with the glue, water, and the shredded packing paper to make the background low-relief. We used the clay and Sculpey to make the pots. We used the canvas board as the background and the canvas for the cloth. We used the floral foam block under the shelf and added some unwound rope there as well. The flowers were made out of Sculpey, cardboard, wire and paint. The plywood is on the back and we cut some of the wood veneer to make the stones on the outside. The Friendly Pellets were used to fill the cracks. The glue stick and Elmer's Glue were used to attach things in the box. Our techniques included cutting, gluing, painting, sculpting, and folding.

We decided on the work of art as the first step. Then we decided to make it 3-D rather than flat like the original. We worked as a team to do the project and met a total of 5 times - Jan., April, May, Sept., and Oct. We all had fun doing it.