Presenting Andy Warhol

   by Leah Henry for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Campbell's soup painting

Inspiration Artist: Andy Warhol

I knew immediately in what I direction I wanted to go before I even received my box. Then, I received it. I stared at the contents for weeks wondering how I could accomplish my goal with that strange stuff. I built and threw away several "starts" of projects. Then I stared at the contents for awhile longer. Only one block of Polymer clay. I did not want to use the oil based clay that doesn't dry. The shredded paper!! I made paper mâché balls to take up space within the Campbell's kid and Andy's feet and head. I made a wire frame for Andy's body. I tore up the box top, split the cardboard paper from the back side and cut it into strips. I used this to form his torso and clothing. Acrylic paint and markers were used for color. I used shredded paper cut into frayed strips for his hair and wire for his glasses. The wooden blocks and dowels were used for bases and the gallery bench. More rolled strips of cardboard for the bench legs. I cut the floral foam into half a cylinder, glued on paper strips then more split cardboard to form the soup can. Wire was strung through the can and used to anchor it to the frame. The blank canvas was painted for a background and a piece of the canvas was cut and painted for a rug. Now for the frame itself. I cut the flat plywood into a frame and attempted a scroll pattern around the edge. Disaster! What was I going to do with that thing now! How was I going to make a frame with what was left of the "contents?" And then what to my wandering eyes appeared?? The stripped box top. The shiny paper side had a picture of a frame right there! The perfect size! I cut it out and glued it onto my crazy cut-out wooden one. Perfect!! I hope you like my rendition of Andy Warhol's tomato soup painting. It was so much fun to build, I will certainly do this again next year!