Reflections of a Pearl

   by Kathleen McLeod for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Girl with a Pearl Earring

Inspiration Artist: Johannes Vermeer

Girl on the left...cut and burned into 3 wood blocks her face, bottom half of her turban and the front collar of her blouse . Glued wood veneers to canvas board and wood blocks to veneer. Glued three pieces of wooden dowel down and sculpted drapery with Sculpey polymer clay over dowels. Carved top half of turban from Florist foam and glued it down. Painted both Sculpey and Florist foam with acrylic paint. Applied colored pencil to tone wood blocks on face and clothing Carved a channel and burned a pattern into remaining wood block to create her stand. I melted and formed Friendly Plastic pellets to form her pearl earing which is glued into place.
Girl on right...Cut out frame on Mystery box lid and glued it to the large piece of Oak plywood. I cut to size and frayed the edges of the canvas cloth, painted it with acrylic paint and drew the Anime character with a felt tip marker. Colored pencil is used to color her hair and shading. Created for pins from the steel wire and secured the canvas cloth at its corners to the oak plywood. Melted Friendly Plastic pellets to form her pearl earring which is glued in place. The block of Chavant modeling clay was cut to size and a channel and a pattern were carved into it forming her base.