Reinventing Departure of theWinged Ship

   by Heather Goodykoontz and Sherry DiFilippo for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Departure of the Winged Ship

Inspiration Artist: Vladimir Kush

We played with perspective. We wanted to recreate Kush’s painting in 3D which required achieving both a realistic dimensional perspective as well has the skewed perspective Kush created. The sky background was made using the cardboard canvas included in the box and our own acrylic paints. The ship was made out of the 4 by 4 block of wood using a Dremel and the included Sculpey for details. The ship was then painted in order to mimic the painting. Sanded pieces of the thin wood that were included make up the masts. The sky background was mounted to the Mysterybuild Box using the glue included and the box was also used as the “ground” to place the ship on. A piece of the box was folded to make a stand/brace behind the sky canvas. The water is made from the Chavant modeling clay. We cut small pieces off the block using the included wire and pressed it onto the Mystery box cardboard. We used our thumbs to press in a wave pattern and then we coated the clay in a thin layer of blue acrylic paint. The rocks in the foreground of our piece are made out of the plastic pellets. We melted them and hand-molding them into rock shapes and then painted them with acrylics. The human like characters in the front needed to be small so they are made with the wire and a tiny bit of Sculpey and were then baked. The butterflies and flags were made out of firm paper that we created by weaving the shredded newsprint and coating it in the included glue. This paper was firm enough to use in our animation. The butterfly bodies were made of the steel wire. The glue stick was used to attach the butterflies to the masts.

We prefer our video that shows our entire process to be shown for voting so that is our primary. But, please feel free to use the shorter video if you prefer.