Relatively Radioactive

   by Melissa Barbee for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Relativity & Radioactive Cats

Inspiration Artist: MC Escher & Sandy Skoglund

There was a lot of cutting and gluing involved in this piece, all parts were glued using the Elmers glue. I used the oak plywood for the base and glued the canvas board on for one side and a piece of the Mystery Build box for the other side. One inch thick slices of floral foam were glued in to support these joints. The individual parts of the construction were drawn out on the thin sheets of hardwood and the Mystery Build box, then cut out with a utility knife. These pieces were assembled in sections with glue and a lot of patience and each section was glued into place after a test fit. Some of the stairs were created using strips of the shredded paper, others with scrap pieces of the thin hardwood. Each of the room vignettes were painted in acrylics on the canvas cloth and then glued into place. The railings were built in three ways. Some are pieces of the dowels with a plastic pellet top and wire rail, some are Sculpey baked with wire. The longest ones were formed with the friendly plastic pellets, softened and rolled out for the handrails with wire pieces heated and pressed into the plastic. The cats were all sculpted in the Chavant, painted with acrylic paint and glued into place.

The cats are painted with a UV florescent paint that glows under black light!

This was such a fun challenge and I can't wait to see what comes in the kit for 2014!