Reptiles, Reinvented

   by Suzie Parker for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Reptiles

Inspiration Artist: MC Escher

The turtles were cast and created with the waxy clay.
The blocks of wood were turned on a lathe to create the bottle and cactus pot.
Thin flat wood was cut and glued to form the pyramid and books.
Dowels were cut and glued to form the ladder.
Canvas board was painted with a turtle design pattern of our own creation.
Paper shreds were flattened and glued together to form pieces of paper for the book.
The cactus was formed with a base of the waxy clay and studded with wire.
The plant in the wooden pot with the cactus was also made of paper shreds and glue; the plastic pellets were added on top as a mulch of sorts.
The Sculpey was sued to make the bottle stopper and the bucket vessel and small cup.
The JOB cigarette papers were made from paper strips and thin wood pieces.
The cigarette package and matches were created and carved from the wood blocks.
The large book was made from the thin wood as stated above as well as part of the container box and covered with the canvas cloth as was the smaller book.

Our interpretation:
We used turtles as our reptile of choice because we are in Louisiana and turtles have a special place here in our hearts and our soup pots! We also changed the orientation to clockwise and used different geometric shapes; changing the hexagonal orb to a truncated pyramid and the ramp to a ladder. We hope you enjoy our whimsical approach to this serious piece of work.