Rudolf of Ruffage

   by Shannon Richardson for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Rudolf II

Inspiration Artist: Guiseppe Arcimboldo

I began by making a basic bust form out of stacked blocks rounded it out
with clay, then i began making tiny vegetables using many of the different
materials. I started with the large and most prominent pieces out of a
wire armature and then made a paste out of glue and water which was used
for a paper mache with the shredded paper. Some of the small and round
fruits and veggies are with the bake hard clay, I used the canvas which
was rolled up and frayed at the end for the green onions. I braided the
rope to make the hay and detailed ends of the turnips. I unraveled some
of the canvas into string which i then knotted and twisted, dipped in
paint, and made the wheat which surrounds his face. I made little pea
pods out of cardboard and clay, then used the plastic pebbles, flattened
and stretched, to lay over the peas and molded it to look like the out of
the pod, i used the extra plastic to make a few little flowers and the
lettuce. I used a lot of the cardboard, deconstructed and soaked, to make
the leaves and additional flowers. Then i put bits of wire on the back of
each of the veggies to stick into the clay head and bust, (like mr potato
head!) so i could keep manipulating their placement as it was being build,
each little veggie is hand painted.