Ruff Lost to St. Bernard's Bluff

   by Jhonalyn Cuestas for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Waterloo

Inspiration Artist: CM Coolidge

My inspiration for this entry was from a painting of dogs playing poker. There are quite a few pieces that have this theme, but my favorite is the painting of the St.Bernard winning the game and the look of disappointment on the faces of his friends. It's a really funny scene that I like, because it portrays the dogs acting like people and I wanted to do a sculpture version of it. I first started off with the background. The two walls were made using the glue, canvas and large piece of plywood. The floor was made out of a side from the mystery build cardboard box. I also used parts of the box and newsprint to help create the table top, along with some of the oven-bake clay and steel wire for the legs. The newsprint was mainly used as a reinforcement for the areas that were joined by glue for this element. Majority of the steel wire went into making the skeleton framework for the dogs' bodies. I molded and shaped the oven-bake clay on the wires to make the heads and limbs. I also did a paper mache technique on the dogs' torsos to help make the general shape using the newsprint, glue, and water before putting on clay to make their bodies. Some sculpey polymer clay was used after the oven bake clay to make the dogs. Some newsprint was used to make fur for the collie dog. I used an xacto knife and toothpick to create the texture/details. I made some of the chairs doing the paper mache technique: I first made the steel framework, used newprint, glue, and water to make the general shape of the chairs. Some of the chairs have some green styrofoam to make the cushion shape. Canvas cloth was cut and glued to be the fabric for the chair's covers. The curtain was made from the canvas cloth and the curtain rings were made from cutting and shaping steel wire with pliers. The rod for the curtain was made out of a wooden dowel and the ball at end of the rod was made out of some sculpey polymer clay. It is suspended by hooks made from steel wire attached to the wall with glue and sculpey clay. The lamp was made out of newsprint, steel wire, and sculpey polymer clay. I used the steel wire to suspend the lamp in the air. The paintings on the walls were made with one of the thin pieces of wood, acrylic paint, and pen. The dogs, background, and furniture were all painted with acrylic paint. The cards were made out of the paper the rules were printed on, white acrylic paint, markers, and pen for details. The poker chips were made out of the clay and acrylic paint. Clear nail polish was used on the curtain to prevent the edges of the canvas cloth from fraying. The nail polish was also used for the eyes, noses, and mouths of the dogs to make them appear to have wet noses and salivating, and nail polish on the wood of the furniture to make it look like wood polish.