She Is So Brave

   by Peggy St John for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Movie Poster for Brave

Inspiration Artist: Disney-Pixar

How I Created My Mystery Build Project
I started planning my project as soon as I received my kit. I knew I was on a time crunch because of entering just one month before the deadline for submitting the project.
I decided to use a movie poster for the movie BRAVE as my inspiration.
My next decision was to reinvent the poster as a musical play. My steps were as follows:
I turned the box containing the project items inside out. I made the box into a stage leaving the picture that was on the front of the box as the stage back. I painted out everything on the picture except part of the frame so that I could make a marquee out of it. I painted the title of my project; SHE’S SO BRAVE, on the marquee. I also added “a new musical” under the title of the play. I used some of the thin wood strips under the marquee to close the back opening. I used the large block of hardwood, which fit perfectly, under the back of the stage for support.
I used some of the Chavant clay as filler for seams, and then painted everything but the marquee black.
My next step was to use the plywood as a stage platform. I painted it green to simulate grass. I used more of the thin wood strips at the back of the stage, also painted green, to build up the back to make it more even with the plywood.
Next, I dyed the canvas cloth with Ritz dye to simulate crushed velvet for the stage curtains. I used Elmer’s glue to hem the sides, and to make pleats in the valance. After gluing the curtains to the stage, I used more of the thin wood to top the stage.
My next step was to take most of the remaining thin wood panels and glue it to the bottom front stage. This hid the corner creases and gave support for the other two dowels, which I had glued together and painted gold. I then used part of the frame print from the instruction book to cover the rough edges on the corners of the base, and to add more bling to the set.
I made steps to the stage by cutting in half the smaller of the two hardwood boards and gluing them to the midsized hardwood. I painted some of the plastic pellets yellow to simulate lights and glued them to the steps.
My next step was to make Merida. I used the Sculpy for her head, hands, and feet. I used the wire to make an armature, stuffed it with paper from the instruction street, and made her dress and arms with the Chavant clay. I used the rope from the kit, unraveled, to make her hair, which I painted orange with gauche paint. I painted Merida, and finished her by gluing the “hair” to her head. I posed her in a way that, I hope, looked like she was in the middle of a song. I used Sculpy to make Merida’s bow, and I used a painted strand of the canvas cloth as the string.
I used the glue bottle covered with Chavant clay, and painted with gouache paint, for one of the large bolders depicted in the movie poster.
I used cut Styrofoam covered with instruction sheet paper, which I glued to the Styrofoam, for the armature of the other boulder. I covered it with Chavant clay and painted it to match the other boulder.
I made smaller boulders and rocks from the paperclay. I also used some of the rope to make grass/weeds, and glued them to the rocks.
I decided to use Chavant clay to make large trees on the canvas board, which I used as the stage backdrop. I painted the background to simulate the background in the poster. I glued the canvas board to the backdrop area of the stage.