Snoopy goes to the Zoo

   by Robbie (Mrs) Dewey and none for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Albert Paley's St Louis Zoo Gates

Inspiration Artist: Albert Paley

I attempted to use as much from the box as possible. I used the flat wood pieces for the base/bottom and used the elmer's glue to adhere them. I used the wire as armature for many of the ferns and trees and there is some paper in the tree structure of the white sculpey tree. I used scupley for the animals- hippo, giraffe, elephant and eagle and snoopy. I used the plastic beads by melting them and forming a 'balloon' shape and painting that red for the balloon, I sliced a piece of the glue stick to form the string for the balloon snoopy is holding. I crushed up the green styrophomish piece for grass in the front, I also cut up the 8x11 canvas and used it as the start of the yellow brick road and painted that as a background for the piece.

I only used Mysterybox materials other than paint. This was a blast it took me several months to complete I'm not sure how much detail you can see but it was a lot of fun. Here is a link to see parts of Paley's zoo gate - Also one of the reason's I chose his work is that he is a local artist here in Rochester NY.