by Lenore Lyons for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Winged Victory

Inspiration Artist: Unknown

I started with the figure- coiled the wire and wove strips of corrugated cardboard. to create the body shape. The breasts were created with floral foam and untwisted rope. Made some legs with coiled wire, stuffed with paper strips, covered the legs with Sculpey. I attached these to the body form with wire. I peeled the canvas off the board and "sewed" the edges with wire to make the wings, stuffed this with paper strips. The canvas board provided so much lightweight cardboard. I soaked sections in water and peeled thin layers of cardboard which I painted with glue and covered both the body and wings with this type of paper mache. I cut the canvas fabric in diagonal strips for the draped garment. I didn't have quite enough fabric so cardboard is also used to make the clothing. I used the Friendly Plastic pellets to add feathers to the wings.

I cut one of the large blocks of wood into 14 small squares and one medium block into longer sections. I wired these together to form the boat shape. This was set on a plywood base which was atop a section of the box which was rolled for strength. Cardboard, floral foam, sawdust, thin wooden sheets, wire, glue and rope were used to create texture and form. A smaller piece of plank with the second large block of wood was glued on top with one dowel supporting the center. I drilled a hole and inserted a dowel on an angle into the large block to support the figure. I saved the second medium block of wood to use for balance, this is the very bottom of the sculpture. The "boat" pedestal was painted with acrylic paint, ink and gesso.

I melted the Chavant clay and painted the figure and the wings. Then I attached a dowel to the back of the wings and inserted it into the body. This was tricky but gaps were stuffed with shredded paper, covered with paper mache and then clay. The figure and wings were spray painted gold.

I add a key to just about everything I make, so I "drew" one with half the hot glue stick. The rest of the hot glue was used in tiny dots to glue the "feathers" to the wings and bits of canvas fabric to the flowing gown. I created some beads with paper, packaging materials and glue to hang on the wire word, Soar. I wanted Winged Victory to be flying off the base, not standing still.