Son of Man - Behind the Scenes

   by Leslie Corley and Abby Corley for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Son of Man

Inspiration Artist: Rene Margritte

The first thing I did to make my project is taking the canvas and painting it like seen in the original painting. I took one of the wooden slats given and painted it to match the stone effect in the painting. Then I made the base using the big piece of wood given and coffee and varnish to stain it to get it to have a darker wood effect. I connected the painting and the stone wood slat with glue and the medium size block to get the painting the right height so all of it shows. I then connected the painting and stone wood slat to the base board with glue. I started on the man next. I started off with the smallest block of wood and painted it black. While it was drying, I started on the head and made it out of clay and sculpted it into the correct form. I attached the hat to his head that is made out of clay and painted them both. While they were drying I made the arms and legs out of clay. I painted them the right colors the match the painting and attached the arms and legs to the body with hot glue. I sculpted the apple for his face out of clay and mixed colors to get the different assortment to paint the apple and the leaves most realistic. I attached the apple to the face by using some of the wire and sticking a little in the apple and the rest in his face. I used hot glue to attach the head to the body. In the painting he has a tie, collar and an impression of his different leveled coat, so I used clay to make them and attached them to the body and painted them to go along with the painting. I hot glued the man to the board and moved on to the next step by cutting out the border on the box and making a frame out of it. I glued it to the largest block of wood to where when you look through the frame you see only what's in the painting but when you look out of it you see what the artist saw - a full man. I painted the block of wood black then took some of the wire to make a boardwalk effect and also a stage for my project. That is how I made my Son of Man reinvention.