Songe d'une nuit df'ete

   by Michele Menard for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Midsummers Dream

Inspiration Artist: Marc Chagal

I used the supply box for the diorama. The Chavant Clay was used for the red fylting figure which is hung with the wire and the Blue clown figure sitting on the floral green foam block. The canvas board was used for the backdrop. The sculpey was used to make the Giraffe figure which was glued on the oak wood plywood with the bride figure and another of those plywood was used for the title board. The blocks of wood were used to make the tree and the supply box newspaper shreds were used to make the leaves for the tree. Acrylic paint was used and the glue. The canvas was used to make the fish shape and the red and white hanging on top of the diorama curtain.