Space Needle

   by Jasmyne Mendoza for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Seattle Space Needle

Materials used for Space Needle: Steel wire frame, Paper pulp made out of shredded newsprint, Rope, Paint. materials used for Aliens: Sculpey Polymer Clay, Paint. Materials used for Landscape: Canvas Board, Chavant modeling clay for meteorites, Paint. Materials used for Earth and Moon: Steel wire, Wooden dowel, Chavant modeling clay, Paint. I used a few different tools, which consist of flat pliers, a blade, pencils to twist the steel wire for the space needle frame, and my hands. I used the paper clay/pulp to cover the wire frame, and the rope to hang the futuristic ball between the three legs of the space needle. I also created little Mars aliens in place of the humans who would be there on earth. And, I created our beloved earth and moon using Chavant modeling clay, a wooden dowel for support, and leftover steel wire to keep it standing. Finally, the landscape. This piece was set on Mars, one of the most famous planets in the Milky Way, also nicknamed the "Red Planet", so it only seemed right that the ground would be red and covered with craters. the craters were, again, made of Chavant modeling clay, and the ground is canvas board, painted to look like the surface of Mars.

I'm Jasmyne, a 10-year-old-girl, so my mother stacy will be submitting my build in the place of me. In the back of the canvas board is a happy couple, to the right is a mother walking her baby, and to the left is a boy walking his alien dog.