Starbucks Terrace at Night

   by Valerie Bergman and Claire Wakefield and Victoria Bergman for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Cafe Terrace at Night

Inspiration Artist: Van Gogh

The Starbucks is mainly made out of wood and cardboard from the box we received the materials in, with painted clay lettering. We supported the overhang with wire, used the plastic packaging from the canvas for the window, and made the sign out of painted cardboard. The table legs are made out of wire, and the tabletops are made out of clay with painted cardboard "mosaic tiles". We made the floor of the Starbucks out of cardboard strips and canvas material. The street is made from the paper packaging strips that were paper mached onto cardboard from the box, painted over. The small house front on the side is painted cardboard, and the backdrop is painted canvas.