Still Life With Phonograph

   by Cathy Ehrler for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Still Life With Phonograph

Inspiration Artist: Henri Matisse

Matisse is one of my favorite artists so my choice of famous art was “Still Life With Phonograph” painted in 1924. It was one of his later works when he painted in Nice and used his apartment as a studio. I wanted to bring the scene to life and in three dimensions while portraying the artist, Matisse, as a work of art in progress, sort of the reverse process.

I used some of every material and most I used in various ways. Here is the list and how it was used:
Box and lid– framework and background and hinge for doorway
Canvas panel - Floor
Floral foam – separator for background and base for table
Plastic wrap on canvas panel – Glass in window
Canvas fabric – curtain, basket liner and rug
Rope – tieback for curtain and edging of basket
Wire – Armature for sculptures (Matisse and phonograph) stems for flowers, paintbrush and decoration on frame
Wood veneer strips – Picture frame base, floor strip, window edging, cabinet décor
Wooden blocks – pedestal, phonograph cabinet
Clay – Matisse and phonograph
Sculpy – Fruit and tray
Plastic pellets – Glass vase
Paper strips – striping on table, basket weaving, paper mache for frame enhancement, flowers in vase and paint brush
Dowels – Window frame, parts of chair
Wooden panel – table and chair
Elmers glue – all gluing of wooden and most fabric pieces and for paper mache
Glue stick – details and background piece to foam

I had very little material left at the end.

This was a great learning experience. I used tools and products never before used. Thanks.