by EVIE TIRADO and EVIE TIRADO & BARBARA VALIANTI for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)


Inspiration Artist: GEORGIA O'KEEFE

There was a wooden board in the box, and we painted that for the background, blue with the white searchlights. The plywood pieces were glued together to form the Radiator Building, and decorated with Super Sculpey and silver paint for the windows. Two smaller blocks were utilized for the buildings below, and we cut up the glue bottle, wrapped it with the newspaper strips/glue, painted it black and silver, and created a Chrysler Building to be included in the picture. The dowels were glued together to form the chimneys, and unraveled rope made for the smoke coming out of them. The glue stick was cut and painted with nail polish to represent the red neon light in the picture.
The kit box was used to place all the items inside, and use the box as a frame for the piece.
We hope you enjoy our creation as much as we enjoyed making it.

pictures inclues
The Mystery Box Creation - Reinvention of The Radiator Building, by Georgia O'Keefe
picture of original work of art
glued dowels
painting the "neon"
emptying the glue so we could use the bottle
the cut glue bottle
wrapping the glue bottle
the glue bottle wrapped