by Susan Culver and Susan Culver, Bridget Culver, Robert Culver for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Walking Lesson

Inspiration Artist: Jacek Yerka

The main piece was created with the Chavant modeling clay and formed with simple modeling tools. The four legs and the tail are formed around Steel wire to help maintain their shape and stability. The hands of the clock face were made with Sculpey polymer clay and glued in place. The winding key, alarm bells and knobs on the side and back were made of Sculpey polymer clay with Steel wire and glue holding them in place. All smaller clocks were made with the Chavant modeling clay with some having steel wire and glue for some minor additions. The two rocks were made from Chavant modeling clay. The tree was made with one wooden dowel with the Steel wire pressed and glued into the wood at the top. Chanvant modeling clay was molded around the wires to create the branches. The leaves and flowers were made with Chanvant modeling clay and glued along the branches. The tree base was also Chanvant modeling clay. The background was painted on the Canvas board with acrylic paint. The base of the piece was made with the oak plywood and painted with acrylic paint. Shredded Newsprint was cut and painted then glued onto the Oak plywood to form grass. The video and sound tract were created by Robert Culver

We enjoyed the entire process beginning with picking out the artist and work we emulated. Jacek Yerka's work is phenomenal, and really was a fantastic starting point for our project. It was a family project that we all participated in, and enjoyed thoroughly.
Our interpretation of Yerka's work is 3D, we have moved time forward to a point where the mother clock creature is beginning to age and decay. The babies are developing , and learning to become independent. Some of them survive at the expense of others.