Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

   by Anonymous Artist for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

The main building was cut from the wood blocks using a hand saw, columns were shaved with wood carving tools, and the roofs made from cardboard cut with a box cutter to curve them. The walkway and handrails were made with the oak plywood and wooden dowels. These were glued to the overturned Mystery Build box and everything was painted. Sawdust saved from earlier was mixed with green paint to make moss and applied to the building with a toothpick. The actual trees at the temple are pretty tall, so almost all the wire was used to make the tree armature. That was covered in Chavant clay and painted; sandpaper was used for texture. Leaves were made with painted shredded newsprint, glued in to bunches, and hot glued on to branches. The grass is ground up floral foam block. Smaller details were added last - painted cardboard rocks, a whale fossil, and a Sculpey clay monk and animals which were formed with a toothpick, baked, and painted. The birds' legs are wire and shoved into the clay tree trunk.