Tale As Old As Time

   by Amanda Trask for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Godspeed

Inspiration Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton

For the piece's stage I used the large flat piece of wood, large wood block, the strips of wood, wood sticks and Styrofoam block. I cut the Styrofoam block in half and placed it next to the large block to build the stairs and glued them down with the Elmer's glue. I measured the length I wanted the sticks, as well as, the width and length of the flatter wood pieces to build the railing and cut them to size. Using the Elmer's glue, I glued the pieces together and surrounded them with the oil-based clay to hold. I took the Elmer's glue and paper strips that were in the box and paper mached them over the block. I built a box with the flat wood pieces to make a pillar and then covered the entire thing in the oil-based clay. I then got a sharp tool and drew out all the lines and designs in the piece. For the background I used the cardboard box that the items came in. I cut out a design and then covered the whole thing in the oil-based clay as well, building up a little higher on certain parts to give it a more 3d look. I made the lions head out of the oil-based clay and used the sharp tool to draw out all the lines for the bricks. I took the glue pellets and used them as a base to build the roses around by using the Sculpey clay. Where the opening is in the background I took another piece of the cardboard box and cut out a slip, covered it in clay, drew out the brick and pierced wire through it to make the gate. After the wire was pierced through I tore up some of the rope and wrapped it around where the wire meets and glued it with the Elmer's glue. I used the 8x10 canvas and painted a picture (Gaston riding on a horse towards the castle) using watercolor and acrylic paint, as well as, calligraphy ink. Once all the pieces were completed I hot glued them together to bring the stage and backdrop together. I built vines going up the side of the castle using the oil-based clay and then decided to paint two stain glasses windows using acrylic paints. I painted the rest of the space with acrylics, watercolors, and calligraphy ink. The door handle behind Belle was made from some wire and painted with acrylics. For Belle I made a wire frame and the oil-based clay, however, on the bottom of her dress I decided to paper mache it using the Elmer's glue and the paper shredding that were in the box. Once the bottom was dried I covered it the oil-based clay and painted her with acrylics and watercolors. For Beast I built a wire frame and took the other half of the Styrofoam block to construct his chest. I paper mached that with the Elmer's glue and paper strips as well so that the clay would adhere easier. Once he was sculpted I painted him with acrylic, watercolors, and some calligraphy ink. I sculpted the gargoyle from the oil-based clay and used calligraphy ink to paint him. I made the bench that Lumar and Cogsworth are standing on from some cardboard from the box and the oil-based clay and painted it with acrylics, watercolors, and calligraphy ink also. Lumar and Cogsworth are both made from the oil-based clay, but Lumar's arms are constructed with some wire. Both of them were painted with acrylics and calligraphy ink.

My inspiration for this piece was from using the famous painting "Godspeed" by Edmund Blair Leighton and reinventing it with the famous animated work of art "Beauty and the Beast" done by Disney.