The Amalgamation

   by Destiny Schwartz for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: "Ziteraal," "Treacle Monster," and "Heat Apparition"

Inspiration Artist: Nicole Duennebier

I wanted to base my project on the art of Nicole Duennebier, but couldn't decide on one painting, so I made a 3-D triptych-- an amalgamation of three paintings.
I was given a dremel tool which I used for the first time while making the base of this project. It took a long time and coated my apartment in saw dust, but eventually my ziteraals took form. I placed them on top of a wood board, then decided to make that into a circle using cardboard and clay. Some of that saw dust was collected up and mixed with glue to give the black circular bottom a sandy texture. The foam block covered in clay provided a way to easily add pieces attached to wire stakes, including the corrugated cardboard, which I carefully threaded with wire in order to create bendable ribbons. The eggs are made from chavant clay, painted, and covered in glue to add shine. I attached cord threads to the side of a table so glue dots could dry and be painted as miniature beads, and made tiny bugs out of sculpey. The plastic pellets were melted and formed onto wire circles. And lastly, I made the dragonfly out of a dowel, clay, wire, cord, and the plastic wrap the chavant clay came in.