The American Way Re-Invented

   by Shane Cooley for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

I built this project with the contents of the mystery build kit and nothing else. For the people I made I built wire frames and sculpted them with Chavant modeling clay. Once I was done sculpting I painted both of the people with water based acrylic paint. I used the same acrylics to paint the wooden floor, and cardboard walls. The objects both figurines are sitting on are made of wood and one of them is filled with the foam block that was supplied. I then painted the canvas board that was given to me with acrylic paint to form the background. I made a spoon with metal wiring, and a bowl out of Friendly Plastic pellets. I made the Gun out of clay and the wooden dowels and painted it with the same acrylic paint (I carved the dowels with a knife to make then smaller). I made a canvas bag from the canvas cloth by gluing it together and I filled it with Sculpty polymer clay. All of my sculpting was done by hand and some hand held tools.

This is a list of all of the tools I used:

Hand sculpting tools
Stove (to heat up plastic pellets)
Grinder (for wood block)
Exacto knife
Hot glue gun (to heat up the glue stick)

I am a senior in high school and I am graduating this year. I have a passion for art even though I have not even taken any art classes other than my Jr. High school art classes. I started sculpting this year and found that I really have a passion for it so I have really enjoyed this contest. The reason I chose Norman Rockwell's Painting, "The American Way" is because I have a deep love for my country and am going to enlist and serve in the military for my country. I have enjoyed this competition a lot; thank you for letting me compete.