The Crash Landing

   by Sharon Sober for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Crash Landing

Inspiration Artist: John Berkey

The items that I did not use were the wooden dowels, shredded newsprint and the rope.
I used the canvas board as the background, and later found it was too short so I glued canvas cloth to one of the rectangular hardwood boards and attached it to the canvas board, the seam is hidden by the crashed ship. These were hot glued to the plywood which is covered by more canvas cloth. These were painted with acrylic to represent the sky background and the ground. I used the assorted hardwoods to construct the small houses, and I cut thin slices for the light poles and the stop sign. The houses were glued with the Elmer's glue. The light poles also have wire attached with a small amount of hot glue to make the diagonal bars and I used the plastic pellets to form the small lights, which were attached with a small amount of hot glue as well. These poles were placed with hot glue onto the plywood. I used sculpey to form the small car in front of the house, the crashed cars under the crashed ufo ship, the round shed infront of the blue house, the water tower held up by wire legs, and the smaller ufo ships which are connected to wire. The wire was also attached to the canvas board with sculpey so it would blend into the background once painted, and the wires allow the ships to hover over the houses. The crashed ship has a block of wood for the base to work off of. I sculpted the Chavant clay over the block of wood. So the whole ship is that block of wood and Chavant clay, and the ruble to the left of the ship was the left over Chavant clay. I carved the foam block to look like the bushes, and cut pieces out of the cardboard box to create the round red sign, and the burning smoke cloud, there is also a piece of canvas cloth added to the right side of the smoke cloud to add depth behind the white ship. Everything was then painted with acrylic, and I tried to make painterly strokes to imitated John Berkey's style. It was then documented.

This was overall an awesome opportunity and look forward to doing it again next year!