The Daughter of the Son of Man

   by Samantha Seerman for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Son of Man

Inspiration Artist: Rene Magritte

First, I decided on 'The Son of Man' by Rene Magritte. I was always intrigued by this painting and thought I could take the image that exudes masculinity and see what happens if I added a few feminine touches. To create it, I used a piece of hardwood and glued it to the canvas cloth. I used a needle and pieces of canvas thread to stitch some of the canvas together. For the hands, legs, face and bag I used the Chavant clay and used wires through the legs to stand her up. I painted the piece of Oak plywood and used the rest of the canvas for the ground. It was a pretty simple build.