The Day Off

   by Debra Mosner for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Van Gogh's Bedroom

Inspiration Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Being a painter by nature, getting started on a 3D project was a task in itself. The first object I built was the table. I used the molding clay and it worked very well. The scale of the room was a great challenge and I made many proto types before I used the materials supplied in the kit. After all, there was only one shot at many of the materials provided, especially the wooden dowels. That was the next step, splitting, whittling and carving the pieces for the two wooden chairs. I also used the dowels for the coat rack. Thank goodness the cardboard box was allowed, it was used for the pine bed and the walls of the bedroom. Vincent was made from the heavy wire and molding clay, as was the book, straw hat, the towel, water pitcher, glass, right shoe and the painters smock. The paintings (my favorite part) were painted with oil paint on small pieces of canvas glued onto cardboard and wood. The frames for the artwork were made from either wood or cardboard then painted to look like wood. I made the floor from the wood panels and then painted them with acrylic paint, which I used for all the other painting. I used rope threads, after ironing them flat and painting them black, for the wires to hang the mini masterpieces. And finally, the canvas mattress, pillows and blankets were sewn together with canvas thread then stuffed with the shredded packing paper to give them their shape.