The Dream (Lions' Version)

   by Sharron Parker for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Dream

Inspiration Artist: Henri Rousseau

Background: Plywood and canvas board glued together with wood veneer in back; painted with acrylics.

Platform: Wood veneer glued to wood blocks, painted; then glued to background.

Foreground: Canvas cloth painted and cut, then glued to platform and as transition to background.

Flowers: Sculpey clay with wire for stems, painted and threaded through holes drilled into background. Motion is done with a wire connecting stems in back.

Sofa: Box cardboard over floral foam, covered with papier mache and then paper pulp (of newsprint and dilute glue). Painted.

Lions: Chavant clay, painted; unraveled rope for whiskers. Lioness has wire core, threaded into drilled hole in background.

Lady: Sculpey clay and plastic pellets, with wire in arm for motion. Painted, with hair of unraveled canvas, dyed.

Native: Chavant clay around wire armature, with plastic pellet elbows; painted, with canvas thread hair. Fan of plastic pellets and canvas.