The Flower By Night

   by Avery Newell for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Camelia

Inspiration Artist: Georgia O'Keefe

First, (for the stem) I sculpted the shape itself out of Sculpey and put a piece of wire through the middle for support. I then painted it green and glued the rope onto it. Next, (for the flower) I sculpted many different sized petals out of Sculpey and pressed them together. I then had to glue the stem and flower bud together.
For the base, I took the flat slab of wood and painted it green. For the background I painted the blank canvas with different colors of blue and purple. To make the canvas stand upright, I put one of the blocks of wood behind it to lean on. For the stuff on the base, I crumpled up some of the foam and sprinkled it on the ground.