The Greatest Clay Elephants

   by Erin Berndt and Alexander Jackson, Erin Berndt for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Elephants

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

We used the block of clay to mold the elephants, and wrapped the clay legs around the wire to keep them sturdy and add to the long-legged effect. We used a dremel tool and wood-carving tools to make the wood pieces on top of the elephants. We used acrylic paint on the wood. The piece of string we frayed and twisted the threads together to make thinner string, which was then used to hang the elephants from pins. The wood and clay was held together by the hot glue stick that came in the box. The background was pieced together from the cardboard mystery box itself, made from cut pieces of cardboard, painted with acrylic paint, and glued together by taking strips of packing paper and glueing them across the cracks on the backside of the cardboard.

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