The Jolly Dali

   by James Bailey and Ryann Bailey for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Butterfly Ship

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

My daughter and I started off with the plywood as our base. The ship was made out of the walnut hardwood blocks and the walnut veneer was bent to curve to the exterior of the ship, secured with the Elmer’s Glue. The wooden dowels became the ship’s masts, and the the butterflies and the rigging were created from the canvas cloth, and then painted (also held by the Elmer’s Glue). The fearsome crocodile and the waves of the sea were formed from the Chavant modeling clay, whereas mischievous Peter Pan, livid Captain Hook and the graceful mermaid figurehead were sculpted from the Sculpey polymer clay, and were secured by hot glue. We used some steel wire to assist Peter in “flight”. Last, but not least, we used a plastic pellet (painted gold) for our feisty, little Tinkerbell (perched on Peter’s shoulder, with the help of a little hot glue).

Dali's ship reminded us somewhat of the story of Peter Pan, and how his Jolly Roger flew.