The Kiss

   by Shannon Huber and Nickie Jordan for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Kiss

Inspiration Artist: Gustav Klimt

I used acrylic paint on the canvas board. The middle background pieces are cardboard covered with gesso and acrylic paint. I created newspaper circles by winding the paper around brush handles and gluing the ends shut. I then glued the circles to the cardboard and painted. To display the cardboard pieces, I used the clay to stabilize and adhere the pieces to a small block of wood. A handmade sandblasted glass mold was created by co artist Nickie Jordan, and then used to create the Sculptey faces and limbs. I used a combination of paint and ink to color the faces and limbs. I removed strings from the canvas fabric and dyed them using paint for the females hair. I used the plastic pellets to make defined curls. I used ink to color the curls. I applied them to her head with the hot glue. For her flowers and his hair, I flaked the florist foam into small pieces and dyed them with paint. I glued them onto the figures with the Elmer's glue. The cape is paper mache covered with clay, and small pieces of wood were cut from the panels and applied. I also created clay squares and applied them. I used ink and paint to embellish. Her gown was created using the Sculptey, then I applied a cellophane cover I created using alcohol inks. The cellophane was removed from the canvas board carefully. When wet, this cover adhered to the Scultptey like glue. I then used paint and ink to create the details on the gown. The bottom of her dress is also made from the cellophane, then I added a hot glue detail at the seam of the skirt and dress, which I painted. I used the clay to stabilize the dowelled figures into a base of clay. Clay and a piece of wire were used to attach the legs to a piece of floral foam, than was then attached using another piece of wire to the clay base of the figures. I then created a cardboard clay-covered piece, which I painted to resemble grass and flowers, and I placed that in front of the figures to cover the clay bases. I assembled all the pieces and photographed the completed work.