The Kiss -3D

   by Terry Honstead for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Kiss

Inspiration Artist: Gustav Klimt

It took me a long time to decide which painting I wanted to reinvent. At first I thought about doing something from the Old Masters. I love those paintings, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do something with more to it (busyness wise). I finally decided on “The Kiss” because that is something that I felt goes well with the type of mixed media project that this is. I looked at images of The Kiss for several days thinking about how I could do it that was the same, yet different. Something that added my style to it. I am usually a painter, but loved the challenge of making a 3D version of this painting. I started by cutting the canvas in two pieces and painting them for the blankets. I decided that I would use the largest block of wood for bodies of the couple. I used the clay for the faces, arms, and legs. The heads and arms were not too hard to attach to the block of wood because I could just set them on top and then push the clay onto the block, smoothing it thinner and thinner. After I got that done, I started to carve the block of wood. I had to change my idea slightly because I needed to twist the man’s body. I didn’t want his feet to be directly across from hers, so that you could look at the woman’s feet and not see the man’s if you were at the right angle. Then I attached the legs and feet and had a much harder time. I would get one set attached and then when I tried to do the other set, the first ones would come off. I also found that I needed to carve more between the two bodies and that was difficult with the legs attached, so I had to take them off and reattach them after I carved some more. Once I got the bodies the way that I liked them, I painted them with acrylic paint. I decided to add “hair” instead of just keeping the heads smooth like the appendages. I used saw dust from the wood carving of the bodies and mixed it with glue and acrylic paint. Then I used a small pallet knife to pat the mixture onto the heads. It added a lot to the figures. Next, I unwound the piece of rope to see if there were single strands that could be used for a thread. I found that it worked perfectly! My first idea had been to use the white beads of plastic, but I couldn’t make a needle go through the beads to thread the string with them. Instead I used clay to make beads on the string. I painted them as well as the dress on the woman. I think that the body of the woman was my favorite part! The hardest part was attaching the blanket around the bodies. I cut a slice between the two bodies to glue the canvas into. I used the hot glue stick for that and on the other side I glued it to the hip and arm and then let the underside of the blanket show. I used another block of wood and several of the thin pieces to cut and glue together for a bed. I shaped more of the clay for a pillow and painted that to match the under side of the blanket that is around the couple. Last I painted the 8 x 10 wood piece with a thin wash of raw umber acrylic paint. I painted the canvas board in colors to approximate the background on the original painting. I also painted the inside of the Mystery box in a similar way because the canvas board alone was not big enough to use when photographing the finished piece. So it now has two walls instead of just one.

This was lots of fun and I hope to do it again next year!