The Persistence of Caige

   by Carol Oz for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Persistence of Time

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

The painting I recreated is Dali’s “Persistence of Time”.
My project is viewed in 2 scenes from left to right.

I used the box and opened it up, set wood as a stage, wired and glued it to the opened up box. I made a table that plays on Dali's rectangle shape with a tree. I used redundant theme of tree in sculpture and painting The black and white canvas painting represents way back in time, color next on the right brings us to modern smart phone time, with the young man Dali. The old man Dali is on the far right under the curtain. I used cardboard for the smart phone, sculpey for my dog who died violently during my creation of this project. she is left white in sculpey as a ghost and reappears with the old Dali. sadly, seizure foam drools from my dog our of the framed Dali. Pieces in the foreground set the tone, the unknown white object, becomes my ghost dog, then the memory of my dog as a melted piece in the foreground.

Scene 1: The old time canvas painting on the left in black and white is the past. Left to right, color increases as time moves on, vegetation enters the previously desolate landscape, smart phones and digital time pieces exist. The white unknown folded figure in black and white now represents my dog, young in the black and white time. I lost my dog Caige last week on October 16. She started seizing at 2:30 am, never came out of it; I had to put her down. She is incorporated into my project as a ghost represented by the mysterious white folded object in Dali’s painting, reinterpreted in the white sculpey sculpture in the project middle foreground, and melted in the foreground. There are three curtained areas in the project that will be opened in scene 2.
Scene 2: Flip doors are opened via wire latches. The small curtain at the top left has a ghost dog image and is opened via a wire latch to reveal a baby—the young Dali/me in the past, youth. The small curtain on upper middle right is opened via wire latch revealing Dali as a young man. Color begins and is carried to the landscape in the background as time moves on. Finally, the larger canvas curtain on the right is pulled open to reveal an old, surprised Dali. The digital age is here, smart phone has moved in. Melded into the old Dali’s necktie is an image of the seizing wreck of my dear dog Caige. The theme of her death is carried through the piece via her unique round paw prints, white flowing lines, and the digital date of her death. She is my strong memory, becoming the white object in the Dali painting and accompanying his old age self under the large curtain. Other objects in the scene set the mood, which for me is sadness and devastation for the violent loss of my beloved Rottweiler, Caige.