The Persistence of Eggs

   by Nikki Kahl for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Persistence of Memory

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

I started by painting the pieces I wanted to put together. I painted the large wood piece various shades of brown, and the biggest wood block yellow. I cut down one of the thin strips of wood and painted it blue. Next I painted the Artist Canvas with shades of blue and white to make the sky background. As I waited for these pieces to dry, I took some of the wire and twisted it to make my basic tree shape, then sculpted the tree out of the brownish/grey clay provided in the kit. I went slow so as to make the most authentic looking clay-bark I could. Then I took a small piece of the wire, stuck it into the bottom of the tree, then stuck the wire into the green styrofoam so it would stand as I painted it. Once all the wooden pieces were dry, I glued the large wood piece to the remaining two wood blocks to elevate it - one to the very back in the center, and one in the middle. After that, I glued the Artist Canvas to the back wood block and placed one of the thin wood strips at the back as a brace. When I put the largest wood block on the piece in the front, it tilted and became off balance, so measured a piece of another thin wood strip and cut it down, then glued it to the bottom as a brace. Then I glued the largest wood block to the front, glued the bottom of the tree to it, and added a little clay to the back for support. Then I painted the mountains on the blue Artist Canvas.

Then came the eggs. I rolled one section of the white Sculpey into a ball and then manipulated it into a flat oblong shape, and placed it on the wood block. I rolled some of the other clay into a ball and manipulated it into a disk shape for the yolk and put it on the white Sculpey. Then I painted the yolk yellow. I cut some of the canvas fabric and arranged it the way I wanted, using some bits of the clay to adhere it to the wood and to itself in the center. Then I made another egg with the Sculpey and clay, and laid that over the canvas fabric before painting it yellow. I made the next egg with the Sculpey and clay, laying the Sculpey over the branch of the tree and added another clay disk for the yolk, which I painted yellow.

I used oil paints for this project.

I had a lot of fun doing this. I think this is a great contest, because it asks the artist to fully use their imagination. Anything that does that is pretty cool in my book.

I didn't realize I had to take photos of the process, but I took photos of the project from all angles to show what I used. Everything I used came from the kit, but I didn't use all of it. Thank you for your consideration.