The Rose Knight Meets an Amazon in the Mountains...

   by Destiny Schwartz for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: "Rose Knight" and "Amazon in the Mountains"

Inspiration Artist: Wassily Kandinsky

I utilized the cardboard box for the base of my project, so that a wheel made out of a dowel, wire, and clay could spin inside of it. This is the earth passing under the horse's feet, and has tiny villages with towers and mountains made out of sculpey. The horse bodies are made with a paper mache center covered with clay; sculpey is used for the legs, and rope for the tails. The Knight and Amazon are made of sculpey, with the Amazon also getting a rein made of braided canvas strings, a canvas saddle, and a wire wand with a hot glue globe on top. For the background, I tore apart the canvas board, in order to make it larger by paper macheing pieces around the outside. After painting the background, I poked holes in it so light could shine through, creating stars. There is also a frame around this project, as there was around Kandinsky's "Amazon in the Mountains." This began as a piece of cardboard which wasn't strong enough, so I put wire around the outside and layered clay over top of the entire frame. Oak plywood connects the background to the frame, using clay to keep light from entering any of the seams. The last pieces I made were the clouds which are plastic pellets melted onto wire, which is attached to wood blocks with hot glue and clay.
I didn't use any particularly special techniques or tools for this project. Once it was built, I set up my tripod and took many photos so they could be made into a stop motion animation of the clouds parting and world spinning, as time stands still for the Rose Knight and Amazon meeting in the mountains.

Yes, as you might have noticed-- I totally burnt my sculpey in a not so accurate toaster oven... It stunk up my apartment for a whole day.

*Some brain cells may have been harmed in the making of this project ; )