The Smooch

   by Tony Thoong for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Kiss

Inspiration Artist: Gustav Klimt

I first started with the base. I cut one of the wood blocks in half using a hand saw. I used those pieces with the biggest wood block as support for the base. I used the glue stick to glue it onto two thin pieces of wood. Next I put two more thin wood pieces on top which curves a bit. I mixed together glue and water together and glue the newsprint strips onto the edge of the thin wood pieces. I used the cardboard of a paper roll as a mold to create a curved edge. Afterwards, I glued it to the bottom side. I repeated the process on all four edges, except there was no molding. I painted the base using the combination of blue and yellow acrylic paint. Next, I shaped two armatures using using the metal wire. I used the Chavant Clay and started shaping the head of the male figure first. Then I formed the shoulders and hands. I did the same with the female figure. I used wax carving tools and a lamp to soften the clay. I set two dowel rods on the base with a drill and glue so that it could support the two figures. I position both of them in a kneeling position. Next I cut two thin woods pieces into small rectangular pieces with an box cutter. I glued newsprint strips onto the pieces to hold it together. Next I glued it onto the the male figure's shoulders and parts of arm. I used the newsprint strips to create the dress for the female figure. I glued the strips onto the shoulders and cut out the extras. I used the clay to shape the feet for the female figure. I then painted both figures using the variety of black, gold and yellow acrylic paint. Next I glued the brown strips on the head of each figure for the hair. I painted the male figure's head the same color as the base and the female was a mixture of acrylic paint to make reddish brown. Next I painted the skin for both, the male being the darker skin tone and the female being lighter skin tone using acrylic paint. Next I used a hole puncher and punched out circles on the newsprint. I used the circles to form flowers with five petals and glue it to the base and on some of the female figures hair after painting. I cut a strip of the fabric and made leaf like shapes and painted it light green and glued it to the male figure's head. I cut another strip of fabric. I used the strip and cut out triangles. Next I used the thick string and separated it into several strings. I cut them into smaller pieces and glued the triangle onto them. After it dried I glued it onto the larger fabric. Next I glued it onto the remaining fabric and spray painted it with gold. I painted the inside on the right to match the painting.

I used the sculpey clay to cover some of the cracks and holes on the two figures.